On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (08/03/20), Hank discusses the three resources we are offering this month that are great mental immune system building resources. These resources will help you to effectively withstand the mounting assaults on the Christian mind and Christian values by secular nihilists. The first is Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth, a fascinating film on the exploration of life in the liquid universe that covers more than 70 percent of our planet. This remarkable documentary on DVD celebrates the beauty and brilliance of the biological systems that make life in the oceans possible. The second resource is Origin: Unlocking the Mysteries of Life, an examination of the quintessential question that has baffled science for centuries: how did life on Earth begin? In this DVD you will travel through a molecular universe to encounter extraordinary biological engineering fundamental to the survival of every organism that has ever existed. Engineering that points clearly to intelligence and mind. The third resource is King of Creation: Meditations on God’s Wisdom and Works. This film on DVD presents eight unique journeys to some of the most beautiful locations on Earth—for an unforgettable encounter with the Maker of all majesty. Inherent in these three resources is the power to reinvigorate your faith in the One who placed you in a designed universe as the leavening force for transforming your generation, just as others have transformed the generations in which they lived.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • Have you heard of the book The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby?
  • I recently put my dog to sleep. I can’t find anything in the Bible about being able to see my dog again in heaven. Can you help me?

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