On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (11/09/20), Hank discusses transgenderism, after reading in USA Today about three trans women who have been elected to state positions. Sarah McBride will now be the highest-ranking trans legislator in the United States, serving as Delaware’s first transgender state senator. Taylor Small will be the first transgender person to serve in the Vermont state legislature. Stephanie Byers, who taught in Wichita schools for 29 years, told USA Today, “if Kansas, the big red republican state, can elect a trans person to a state legislator, the doors open up in a lot of other places for people.” Transgenderism today is one of the most fashionable social justice issues in America. And the word “gender” no longer means what it did just a few short years ago. As Christians in a liberal democracy, we as yet have the means to effect change. If we do not, the transgender phenomenon will prove to be just one more domino in the collapse of a country that was once the greatest missionary-sending force in the world.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • How do you deal with a demon-possessed person?
  • Where in the Bible does it say that the disciples met for worship on the first day of the week?

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