On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (05/20/21), we present an episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast. Hank’s guest is Father Lawrence Farley, author of Unquenchable Fire: The Traditional Christian Teaching about Hell. Hank and Fr. Lawrence discuss the traditional view of hell as opposed to the rising popularity of universalism, if Christ taught of an eternal hell, if the Bible teaches of an eternal heaven and hell, and how modern culture has lost a sense of sin and sought to domesticate the Divine.

To learn more about his article, in the current edition of the Christian Research Journal entitled, “In Defense of the Church’s Traditional Doctrine of Hell”  and subscribe and receive this as your first issue (Spring 2021) please click here. For more information on Fr. Farley’s book, Unquenchable Fire: The Traditional Christian Teaching about Hell please click here. 

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