On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (06/12/19), Hank posits the question: why does CRI answer questions? The reason is so that listeners will know the Bible does, in fact, have the answers, and to demonstrate this, Hank reads and answers a letter from an inmate in solitary confinement who asks about the new heavens and the new earth and what happens to those in the lake of fire.

Hank also answers the following questions:

  • How should I go about reading new atheists like Richard Dawkins without feeling like I’m sinning?
  • If Joel Osteen is not teaching sound doctrine, why is he so popular?
  • When Jesus said He didn’t know the day of the hour, what about the Holy Spirit; did He know? Do they know now?

To learn more about Graham Veale’s book New Atheism: A Survival Guide click here.

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