CRI Canada


For our friends in Canada who would like to make a donation or place an order, please contact the Canadian office of the Christian Research Institute in Calgary, AB.


[email protected]

CRI Canada
56051 Airways PO
Calgary, AB T2E 8K5

Any of the items you see on can be ordered by contacting the Canadian office via phone or e-mail. If you make a donation through the Canadian office you will receive a Canadian tax receipt.

If you desire, you can make donations or order items directly over, but please be advised that you will not receive a Canadian tax receipt, and the shipping and handling cost for items purchased are higher than if they are ordered directly from the Canadian office.

When contacting the Canadian office of CRI by e-mail, please provide us with your name and phone number and we will call you. Please do not send Visa or MasterCard information via e-mail.

Certified Member - Canadian Council of Christian Charities


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