Volume 20/Issue 3

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Feature Articles:

The Counterfeit Revival: Modern-Day Mesmerists (Part 4) by Hank Hanegraaff

America’s New Love Affair with Gambling: Should Christians Be Concerned? by Rex M. Rogers

News Watch:

Cult TV Network Sponsored by Christians? by Richard Abanes

Effective Evangelism:

Witnessing to the Nation of Islam by Jerry L. Buckner

Book Reviews:

The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart by Peter J. Gomes reviewed by Francis J. Beckwith

Jesus, Peter and the Keys by Scott Butler, Norman Dahlgren, and David Hess reviewed by Ralph E. MacKenzie,

Reincarnation: A Critical Examination by Paul Edwards reviewed by Douglas Groothuis


The Jesus Seminar and the Gospel of Thomas: Courting the Media at the Cost of Truth by James White