Volume 32:Issue 1

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Feature Articles:

Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century: Wealth and Want by Hank Hanegraaff

Burning Obsession:Examining Postmodern Spirituality At Burning Man by Steve Rabey

Distortions of Christianity by Douglas Groothuis

The Failure of Faith in the Folly of the Last Lecture by Daniel Mann


From the Editor/

The Infinite Value of An Eternal Perspective by Elliot Miller

Effective Evangelism:

Proof Has It’s Place by Daniel A Mann


Book Reviews:

New Atheism for The Big Screen by Chad Meister, a review of Religulous directed by Larry Charles, staring Bill Maher (Lion’s Gate, 2008)

Chopra’s “Enlightened” Jesus by Robert Velarde, a review of The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008)

Atheism For a New Age by Joseph E. Gorra, a review of Atheism Remix: A Christian Confronts the New Atheists by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. Ph.D. (Crossway, 2008)

Solid Answers For Serious Doubts by Sean McDowell, a review of Ask Me Anything 2: More Provocative Answers For College Students by J. Budziszewki  (Th1nk Books, 2008)


Brave New Gadgetry: Technological Discernment and the Family by Robert Velarde

High School HIV Scare Points to Chastity Problem by Anthony Bradley

Ask Hank:

Are the Bible Manuscripts Reliable? By Hank Hanegraaff

Practical Hermeneutics:

Whammy: A Threat To Christ’s Messsiahship? By Warren G. Nozaki