Volume 40:Issue 1

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04 From the Editor
Forty Years on the Front Lines

06 Effective Evangelism
Evangelizing the Cultural Christian

08 Practical Hermeneutics
Christians in the Courtroom

10 Jesus in Islam
by David Wood
Today’s Religious Movements: Muslims insist that, like Christians, they believe in Jesus. The Jesus we read about in Islam’s most trusted sources, however, falls short of Christian orthodoxy. Yet Jesus is unique in Islam, as his titles, virgin conception, miraculous works, and future role set him apart even from Muhammad.

18 Islam and Christianity: Is a Productive Dialogue Possible?
by Robin Dale Hadaway
Today’s Religious Movements: Theological differences, historical clashes, and resulting emotional baggage significantly hinder productive dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Even so, many Muslims who become Christians do so because of lofty descriptions about Jesus in the Qur’an. Thus, unexpectedly, it behooves Christians to engage Sufis who hold a higher regard for Jesus than do other Muslims.

24 On Chimeras and What It Means to Be Human
by Jay Watts
Ethical Discernment: The National Institutes of Health recently opened the possibility of federal funding for chimera research, the genetic mixing of human and nonhuman animals. Should federal grants be used to encourage more research in this area? If not, why not? (Hint: “Because we shouldn’t play God” is not the best answer.)

34 Mormonism, the Afterlife, and Striving after Godhood
by Eric Johnson
Today’s Religious Movements: The Mormon view of the afterlife is unique and complicated. To engage in fruitful dialogue about the gospel with Mormons, it is important to understand the nuances of their view, and this article will equip you with exactly that knowledge.

40 Begotten of the Father before All Ages: The Biblical Basis of Eternal Generation according to the Church Fathers
by Charles Lee Irons
Theological Apologetics/Doctrinal Discernment: The church has held to the eternal generation of the Son formally since the fourth century, but some evangelicals fail to see the biblical foundation or importance of the doctrine. This article explains how the church fathers derived this doctrine from Scripture and why it is essential both to Christ’s deity and to the Trinity.

48 Does the Old Testament Teach the Devolution of Religion — and Does Paul Confirm It in Romans Chapter 1?
by Dan Story
Biblical/Historical Apologetics: To antisupernaturalists, all religions must be understood in terms of evolution rather than revelation, and so they explain the sophisticated monotheism of biblical books such as Isaiah as a gradual development from primitive animism. What they overlook is compelling historical evidence that monotheism preceded animism and is found in the earliest books of the Bible.

54 Reviews
Summary Critiques: Brian McLaren’s The Great Spiritual Migration and Mike McHargue’s Finding God in the Waves

58 Viewpoint
Healing the Divide: Moving Forward after the Election

60 Postmodern Realities
From the Mind of a Millennial: How Did We Get Here, and How Do We Make It Better?

62 Ask Hank
Who Made God, and How Can We Know He Really Exists?