Volume 28/Issue 2

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From the Editor:

The Art of Apologetics by Steve Bright

Feature Articles:

Kabbalah: Getting Back to the Garden by Marcia Montenegro

Healing Touch: Trouble with Angels by Sharon Fish Mooney

“Suffer The Children”: What’s Wrong with Gay Adoption? by Gregory Rogers

Forensic Theology by Douglas LeBlanc

Book Reviews:

A Summary Critique: Promoting the Gospel of Self-Esteem – A Review of “Your Best Life Now: Seven Steps to Living at Your Full Potential” by Joel Osteen. Reviewed by Bob Hunter

A Theology of Resurrection, for Life and Death — A Review of “The Risen Jesus and Future Hope” by Gary Habermas. Reviewed by Michael J. Wilkins

Messianic Judaism and the Gospel of Grace — Review of “How Jewish Is Christianity? Two Views on the Messianic Movement” by Louis Goldberg. Reviewed by Barry R. Leventhal


No Common Ground? Multicultural Education and the Christian Right by Helena Benitez

Ask Hank:

What Sets Christianity Apart from an Eastern Worldview? by Hank Hanegraaff

Practical Hermeneutics:

Does Acts 2:38 Teach Baptismal Remission? by E. Calvin Beisner

Effective Evangelism:

Are All Religions the Same at Their Core? by Winfried Corduan