Volume 29:Issue 3

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Feature Articles:

Hollywood versus History:Kingdom of Heaven and the Real Crusades by Daniel Hoffman

Getting Over the Hurdles of the New World Translation by James R. White

Teachings in Transition: Recent Changes and Remaining Concerns with Theophostic Prayer Ministry by Elliot Miller

News Watch:

Watch Tower Embraces New Bloodless Medicine by Holly Pivec


Book Reviews:

A Summary Critique: Is What We Have Now What They Wrote Then? – a review of “Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why” by Bart Ehrman. Reviewed by Daniel B. Wallace

An Invitation to an Investigation – a review of “Jesus in Context: Background Readings for Gospel Study” by Darrell L. Bock and Gregory J. Herrick, eds. Reviewed by Jonathan Lunde

From Vampires to Jesus – a review of  “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” by Anne Rice. Reviewed by Gene Edward Veith.

Ask Hank:

Is the Qur’an Credible? by Hank Hanegraaff

Practical Hermeneutics:

>Is Colossians 2:8 a Warning against Philosophy? by Moyer Hubbard

Effective Evangelism:

Silent Evangelism: Misunderstanding St. Francis’s Exhortation by David Hyams


Should Christians Be Cobelligerents in Ecumenical Coalitions? by Drew Dyke