Volume 24/Issue 4


From the Editor:

The Peril of Newspaper Eschatology by Elliot Miller

Feature Articles:

When Truth Gets Left Behind by Gene Edward Veith

Life in the Big Tent: Traditional Creationism and the Intelligent Design Community by Paul A. Nelson

Understanding and Reaching Muslims (Part Two) by Abdul Saleeb and Norman L. Geisler

Who Is the God of the Cults? by H. Wayne House

News Watch:

Breakthrough/Momentus: Psychological Techniques or Christian Ministry? by John Juedes

 Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings: Good Stories or Fantasies That Fail? by Mark Ryan and Carole Hausmann Ryan

Effective Evangelism:

The Task of the Christian Apologist by Gannon Murphy

Book Reviews:

A Summary Critique: Popular Mormon Apologetics – Staking Claims on Christian Ground. Book titles: Biblical Mormonism: Responding to Evangelical Criticism of LDS Theology by Richard R. Hopkins; Restoring the Ancient Church: Joseph Smith and Early Christianity by Barry R. Bickmore, reviewed by James Patrick Holding

Which Worldview Glasses Are 20/20? Book title: “That’s Just Your Interpretation”: Responding to Skeptics Who Challenge Your Faith by Paul Copan, reviewed by Bob Passantino


Sinning at the Movies by Brian Godawa