Volume 37:Issue 4 

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04 From the Editor
The Transgender Tipping Point: America’s Next Civil Rights Frontier?

07 Response
The New Theistic Evolutionists… The Divorced Pastor: Is He the Husband of One Wife?

08 Effective Evangelism
Cast Your Bread on the Waters: Taking Risks and Being Creative in Christian Witness

10 Practical Hermeneutics
Did Jesus Go to Hell?

12 Left Behind: From Root to Ripened Fruit
by Hank Hanegraaff
Doctrinal Discernment: Due in part to the popularity of the Left Behind novels—now a big-budget apocalyptic action film—millions believe that Jesus will secretly rapture His church seven years before His second coming. But for nineteen hundred years of church history, no one separated these two events. Christians today need to ask whether this doctrine and the dispensational theology from which it is derived have any basis in sound biblical exegesis.

26 A Mind for the Beautiful
by Bob Perry
Aesthetical Apologetics: Modernity has perverted our understanding of beauty with the corrosive acid of relativism in the same ways it has corrupted truth and goodness, and for the same reasons. Christians should
be prepared to uphold the position that beauty is an objective feature of the universe that is linked to truth and goodness by its origin in the nature of God.

32Materialism for the Masses: Cosmos Reboot Distorts the History of Science and Scrubs the Evidence for Intelligent Design
by Casey Luskin
Scientific Apologetics (TV Review): In the original 1980 Cosmos series, Carl Sagan famously declared, “The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be.” This spring, a new thirteen-episode Cosmos series aired on Fox, aiming to bring Sagan’s materialistic message to a new generation. It is vital to understand Cosmos’s agenda and be prepared to rebut its errors and omissions regarding history and science.

42 “Jesus-Shaped” Cultures: How Faithful Christians Have Transformed Societies
by Paul Copan
Cultural Apologetics: Different cultures are directed by different “voices”—Shiva, Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus. It is worth exploring, for example, the differences between an S-shaped (“Shiva-shaped”) culture and a
J-shaped (“Jesus-shaped”) one. The former shows a persistent pattern of being life-fettering while the latter consistently displays life-flourishing patterns.

48 How Does Sanctification Work? (Part Two)
by David Powlison
Christian Discipleship: It is noteworthy that Jesus never ministers by rote—because people and circumstances never clone. Jesus engages each person and situation in a personalized way. It is no mere truism to say that Jesus really does meet you where you are. Always.

56 Reviews
A Summary Critique: Patricia S. Churchland’s Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain

60 Viewpoint
Church Discipline

62 Ask Hank
Can a Believer Be Demonized?