Volume 36:Issue 2

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04 From the Editor
All about the Afterlife

06 Response
The Euthyphro Dilemma… The Son of God and Muslim Idiom Translations

08 Effective Evangelism
Confident Faith

10 Practical Hermeneutics
Leviathan, Dragons, and Dinosaurs, Oh My!

12 The Contradictory Recollections of Near-Death Experiences
by Hank Hanegraaff
Spiritual Discernment and Critical Thinking: While subscribing to the reality that there is life after life, books such as Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven and Todd Burpo’s Heaven Is for Real paint entirely different and conflicting portraits of the afterlife. What is a Christian to make of this, and what light does the Bible shed on the subject?

18 Moral Damage and Spiritual Repair in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
by A. A. Howsepian
Spiritual Discernment and Whole-Person Ministry: There is a moral dimension to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that often goes unrecognized. When this moral damage goes untreated, the PTSD patient is often relegated to needless, lifelong suffering.

26Justice and Asymmetric Warfare
by Bob Perry
Ethical Discernment: Just war theory (JWT) has served as a powerful means to evaluate and constrain the actions of nationstates in conflict. Our challenge in applying JWT today is that modern warfare rarely consists of conflict between morally accountable nation-states.

32Javert Is “Right”: The Demonization of Conservatism in Les Misérables
by John McAteer
Cultural Apologetics: The typical reading of Victor Hugo’s classic novel Les Misérables (now an award-winning film) is as a choice between legalism and grace, between pharisaism and authentic Christianity. Our reviewer suggests, however, that a better reading is to take the story as posing a choice between conservative Christianity and liberal Romanticism.

38 The Twisted Grace of Joseph Prince
by Warren Nozaki
Doctrinal Discernment: Joseph Prince, a Singapore pastor with a global ministry, purports that in 1997 he received “a commission from God to preach grace even more radically.” While Prince claims his message is from the Lord, careful scrutiny reveals it to be a twisted mix of truth and error.

42 Are There Nonreligious Skeptics of Darwinian Evolution and Proponents of Intelligent Design?
by Casey Luskin
Scientific Apologetics: Honest truth seekers and agenda-driven atheists rarely pose the same questions, but both ask whether any nonreligious scientists and scholars challenge neo-Darwinism and/or support intelligent design (ID). While an argument holds merit apart from the beliefs of the person arguing it, the fact is that this question can be strongly answered in the affirmative.

48 When Religious Doubt Grows Agonizing
by Gary R. Habermas
Practical Apologetics and Critical Thinking: Emotional religious doubt is common and can be excruciatingly painful, often plaguing believers with agonized “What if…?” scenarios. When key Scripture passages are combined with helpful principles from contemporary Christian counseling, emotional doubt can often be lessened significantly, or even healed.

56 Reviews
A Summary Critique: Alain de Botton’s Religion for Atheists…Joel Osteen’s I Declare

60 Viewpoint
What Denomination Should I Join?

62 Ask Hank
Will Adam and Eve Receive Brand-New Bodies in Eternity? Will the Created Cosmos Be Resurrected or Annihilated?