Volume 21/Issue 2


Feature Articles:

The Bondage Maker: Examining the Message and Method of Dr. Neil T. Anderson (Part 2) by Elliot Miller

A Course in Miracles: “Christian” –Glossed Hinduism for the Masses by John Ankerberg and John Weldon

Marianne Williamson: From Inner Healing to the Healing of America by Donna F. G. Hailson

A Matter of Bias? Examining the Response of Growing Families International to Criticism by Kathleen Terner and Elliot Miller

News Watch:

High-Tech Apocalypse? Millennium Computer Bug Provokes Varied Responses

Effective Evangelism:

Witnessing to Hindus (Part 2) by Dean C. Halverson and Natun Bhattacharya

Book Reviews:

Jehovah’s Witnesses Defended by Greg Stafford reviewed by James White


Six Enemies of Apologetic Engagement by Douglas Groothuis

Practical Apologetics:

The Cult of Compromise Revisited by Hank Hanegraaff