Volume 31:Issue 3

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Suicide: Answering Against Eternity by C. Wayne Mayhall

The Yoga Boom: A Call for Christian Discernment (Part Two: Yoga in Its Contemporary Western Context) by Elliot Miller

The “Martyrdom” of Joseph Smith: Like a Lamb Led to the Slaughter? by Eric Johnson

News Watch:

Book of Mormon Word Change by Bill McKeever


From the Editor:

Thinking About the Unthinkable by Elliot Miller

Effective Evangelism:

An Apologetic for Apologetics in Cyberspace by J. P. Holding


A review of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens. Reviewed by Douglas Groothuis

Takes the Evolution Debate to a New Level: a review of What’s So Great About Christianity, by Dinesh D’Souza. Reviewed by Paul L. Maier

“Gospel-light” Message: a review of Become a Better You by Joel Osteen. Reviewed by Bob Hunter


Was Paul a Theocrat? Making a Case for Intolerance by C. Wayne Mayhall

Ask Hank:

Does God Know the Future? And

Practical Hermeneutics:

Is Mary Co-Redemptress of the World? by Eric D. Svendsen