Volume 22/Issue 2


Feature Articles:

The Man, His Ministry, and His Movement: Concerns about the Teachings of T. D. Jakes by Jerry Buckner

China’s Falun Gong: The World Is Watching…and Joining by Christine Dallman and J. Isamu Yamamoto

Baptism for The Forgiveness of Sins: Sign, Seal, or Means of Grace? by H. Wayne House

Swami Yogananda and the Self-Realization Fellowship: A Successful Hindu Countermission to the West by Elliot Miller


Effective Evangelism:

Witnessing to Rastafarians (Part 2: Reaching Out) by Donna F. G. Hailson

Book Reviews:

The Two Babylons: A Case Study in Poor Methodology by Alexander Hislop)

A Postmodern Promenade by Stephen Ross


The Problem with Journalism Today by Gretchen Passantino

Practical Apologetics:

Harvard’s Wizard of Oz by Hank Hanegraaff