Volume 28/Issue 6


From the Editor:

Not God’s Weakness by Steve Bright (about Hurricane Katrina)

Feature Articles:

Under the Needle: An Ethical Evaluation of Tattoos and Body Piercings by Lorne Zelyck

The Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith: A Logical Approach by Norman Geisler

Answering Jewish Objections to the New Covenant in Christ: Evidence That the Old Covenant Was Temporary by Daniel Mann

News Watch:

Christian Pacifism on the March by Rachel D. Ramer

The Price of Change: A Follow-up on the Worldwide Church of God by John A. Peters

Book Reviews:

A Summary Critique: The Gospel According to Borg – a review of “The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith” by Marcus J. Borg. Reviewed by Dennis Ingolfsland

Searching for Faith in “the Force” – a review of “Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters” by Dick Staub. Reviewed by Robert Velarde

Age-Old Lie – New Age Bleep – a review of the DVD  “What the Bleep Do We Know?” directed by Mark Vicente, Betsy Chasse and William Arntz. Reviewed by Drew Dyck.

Ask Hank:

How Do I Find a Good Church? by Hank Hanegraaff

Practical Hermeneutics:

Is the Holy Spirit a Personification? by Leland Ryken

Effective Evangelism:

The Answer Is the Question by Frank Turek


Should Christians Join the Masonic Lodge? By Steven Tsoukalas