Volume 41:Issue 2 

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04 From the President In Remembrance of Elliot Miller (1951–2018) —Editor-in-Chief of the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL

06 Practical Hermeneutics
Jeremiah, Preacher of Prosperity?

08 God’s Other Book — What It Is and How to “Read” It
by Dan Story
Natural Theology (Effective Evangelism): God has placed in us an awareness of His existence, which can be awakened through contact with nature. Secular nature lovers and followers of Earth-based religions who have never responded to traditional apologetic efforts may well experience a
mysterious attraction to the Author of the Book of Nature.

14 Lying to Ourselves: Why We Cheat
by Richard J. Poupard
Ethical/Cultural Discernment: We live by a “fudge factor,” seeing our value in our achievements as greater than they really are. God, however, sees us as we really are: sinful, irrational beings willing to cheat and lie to ourselves, exaggerating our accomplishments to others. Despite our faults, God also views us as inherently valuable, based not on our flawed image but His perfect one.

20 “Made for Another World”: C. S. Lewis’s Argument from Desire Revisited
by Donald T. Williams
Philosophical/Cultural Apologetics: Though C. S. Lewis is better known for the Moral Argument, the Argument from Reason, and the Trilemma, his most characteristic argument may actually be the Argument from Desire. If we find ourselves desiring that which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we are made for another world.

26 Philosophers Series: Thomas Aquinas’s Five Proofs for God Revisited
by Trent Horn
Philosophical Apologetics: Among non-Christians, Thomas Aquinas is usually encountered in first-year philosophy textbooks via excerpts of his “five ways” of proving the existence of God from his Summa Theologica. We can correct misperceptions many critics (such as acclaimed atheist Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion) have about them.

34 Sex Parties in Silicon Valley: How to Fight Back against a Culture of Sexual Exploitation
by Nancy R. Pearcey
Cultural Discernment and Ethical Apologetics: A sexual ethic based on “consent” is not enough. A genuine turnaround in the culture requires a change in the underlying worldview. Although critics say the hookup scene gives sex too much importance, in reality, it gives sex too little importance. It is the biblical worldview that offers the higher, more fulfilling view of sexuality.

42 No Creed but the Bible? Ancient Creeds and Contemporary Faith
by Donald Fairbairn
Theological/Historical Apologetics: Evangelical Christians often have two major problems with the ancient creeds: the creeds are thought to convert biblical language into philosophical categories and they seem to be very incomplete summaries of the faith. Both of these objections grow out of a misunderstanding of the nature and purpose of creeds.

52 Reviews
Tim Crane’s The Meaning of Belief: Religion from an Atheist’s Point of ViewA Summary Critique: Reza Aslan’s God: A Human HistoryNancy R. Pearcey’s Love Thy Body

58 Viewpoint
Can Same-Sex Attracted Men Be Pastors?

60 Postmodern Realities
Two or More? Christian Polyamory’s Problematic Theology

62 Ask Hank
Is Fasting Biblical?