CRI’s Support Team
Changing Minds. Changing Our World.

Members of CRI’s Support Team are change agents.

Commissioned by Christ himself to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Mathew 28:19), Support Team members understand that a battle is raging for life and truth. From Planned Parenthood to global Islamic jihad, assaults on life continue while militant secularists and New Atheists grow more defiant in their attacks on fundamental notions of truth and morality.

Support Team members recognize that these attacks cannot go unanswered at home without devastating consequences. They also understand that “winning souls” today is not enough. Minds must be discipled or the fruits of evangelism will prove to be shallow and short-lived. (Matthew 13:1-23)

With believers facing choices from a poisonous prosperity gospel to soggy and lifeless liberalism, either Christians will love God with all their minds (Matthew 22:37) or an impotent and counterfeit Christianity will increasingly be mistaken for the real thing.

Through their membership, Support Team members are making a vital difference in the battle for life and truth through the “24/7” global reach of CRI’s life and world-changing resources.

You’ll receive…

The Equipping Essentials Resource of Your Choice: Your choice of any resource from the following list!

CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL – Support Team members receive a free subscription to the award-winning JOURNAL, filled with well-researched articles on important issues written by leading Christian thinkers and scholars. Please complete your subscription to the JOURNAL in the Membership “Product” section.

Members Only Bonus Content – Periodic insiders’ updates on relevant and pressing issues in apologetics as well as news regarding Hank’s activities and CRI developments of note.

10% Discounts – on all eStore purchases.

Free Shipping – On all orders for Support Team members.

Special Video Messages – Periodic video messages from Hank on pressing issues of relevance to Christians and especially those engaged in the defense of the historic Christian faith.

Most important of all, your regular support helps to equip multitudes of believers at home and around the globe to “think and live Christianly” at a time when the historic Christian faith is being undermined on multiple fronts.




“I have been supporting CRI for over 20 years. It has been a refreshing source of truth and light in a world of so much fog and compromise. I wouldn’t be the Christian I am today without CRI.” – Tim

“I started listening to CRI in 1988 just a couple of months after becoming a Christian. I can’t imagine not having CRI as a resource, it has been a very valuable tool in my growth as a believer and the articles and book resources have been used by God to help me and others witness for Jesus. I hope that Christians who want to grow closer to Jesus will consider supporting this vital ministry as I have and hope to do more in the future. Being able to get solid answers that you can trust is vital!” – Steve

“CRI and Hank have been instrumental to my growth as Christian. Whether basic or complex issues of understanding, Hank always guides me to what the Word of God says on a matter. I gain insight because I know that his objective is to focus on truth.” — Ron


“Hank Hanegraaff doesn’t advise parents and teachers to hide from false teaching. He gives them memorable teaching devices to help them identify the fallacies and to help them teach young people not to be misled.”

– Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial