The world around us is consumed by issues of identity—the church included. Responding to these issues from an orthodox Christian perspective is critical to the future of the church, however, it isn’t always easy for Christians to follow their convictions when claims of homophobia, racism and the like are made against those holding to traditional norms of morality. How should we respond to claims that Christians are homophobic, racist and bigoted? Reverend Matt Kennedy has recently written on these issues in the Christian Research Journal (All Have Not Sinned in Every Way: Racism and Original Sin and Why Do Parents of Gay Children Change Their Theological Minds? ) and joins Hank Hanegraaff to provide Christians with encouragement to stand on the solid ground of Christian conviction as opposed to the sinking sands of cultural conformity.

Topics discussed include: What made Matt Kennedy become a Christian? (2:15); misunderstanding the true meaning of love leads to misunderstanding God (6:15); the value of exegetical preaching and writing (10:10); why Matt Kennedy left the Episcopal Church and joined the Anglican Communion (12:30); why do parents of gay children change their theological minds? (14:10); increasing pressure for the pastors to adapt to changing cultural norms and narratives that conflict with the traditional Christian teachings and practices (16:55); why misunderstanding the nature of love causes many Christians to change their theology on sexuality (22:45); Christians changing their theology on the basis of their own experience as opposed to biblical exegesis (25:05); the rise of secular beliefs within many churches and Christian organizations (27:05); the worldview of white privilege (29:45); are all White people systemically racist? (33:45); the role of ideology in propaganda projects aimed at rewriting history (36:15); what does the Bible say about race? (39:50); the historical novelty of seeker sensitive churches the (44:10); key differences between traditional liturgical worship and seeker sensitive, modern forms of worship (48:10); the historic Christian belief in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist (53:10); traditionalism vs. tradition and why so many people mistakenly describe liturgical worship as dead faith (55:30); Ignatius of Antioch’s Desire for Martyrdom and the role of suffering and persecution in Christianity (1:00:25); learning to thank God for suffering and allowing it to bring us closer to Christ (1:08:00); what can Christians today learn from the example of Ignatius of Antioch? (1:12:00).

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