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Before there was a West, there was Christendom.” Fr. John Strickland has written a monumental four-part history of Christendom—from the first millennium of Christendom which he deems “the age of paradise” to our current cultural condition which he labels “the age of nihilism.” telling the story of how both came to be.

Fr. John Strickland joins Hank to discuss his book The Age of Division: Christendom from the Great Schism to the Protestant Reformation, which provides an overview of the break in unity that occurred within Christendom after the Great Schism to the continued fracturing that occurred through the Protestant Reformation.

If you have ever wondered exactly how we got from the Christian society of the early centuries, united in its faithfulness to apostolic tradition, to the fragmented and secular state of the West today, this episode on The Age of Division is an absolute must listen—tracing the decline and disintegration of both East and West after the momentous but often neglected Great Schism. For five centuries, a divided Christendom was led further and further from the culture of paradise that defined its first millennium, resulting in the Protestant Reformation and the secularization that defines our society today.

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