Jack Graham is the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist and among the most influential Christians in America. Graham joins Hank to discuss his book Angels: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters and the underestimation of the influence of angels in our lives. Their conversation touches on common misconceptions about angels, the presence of angels throughout the Bible, and the existence of both holy angels and dark angels.

Topics discussed include: how Jack Graham went from wanting to be a professional baseball player to becoming a pastor of one of the largest, most influential churches in the world (3:15); the influence of Prestonwood Baptist in the United States, and why Graham is uncomfortable with the label of megachurch (6:15); the mass exodus of millennials from the church today and the rise of the nones (no religious affiliation) (9:00); providing an alternative to Planned Parenthood though the ministry of the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center (12:35); the influence and significance of angels in our lives, and why Graham is so passionate about angels (14:40); the presence and significance of angels throughout the Bible and the presence of guardian angels in our lives (19:55); remembering that there are angels in the angelic state and also angels in the fallen state — addressing holy angels and dark angels (23:15); common misconceptions people have about angels (29:05); looking to the Book of Isaiah as an example of why our focus should be on the holiness of God rather than our own happiness (32:55); the need for more Christians to not only read the Bible but to memorize and meditate on the Bible (37:25); the responsibility of Christians to be involved in mentorship in the Christian community (41:55); Hanegraaff and Graham share their views on retirement and how it relates to Christian ministry (43:45); the state of evangelism in China (45:05); Hanegraaff personally thanks Graham for his consistent support and encouragement  during Hanegraaff’s battle with cancer (48:00); and Graham gives his perspective on the current state of the United States of America (51:10).

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