​How do some birds, turtles, and insects possess navigational abilities that rival the best manmade navigational technologies? Who or what taught the honey bee its dance, or its hive mates how to read the complex message of the dance? How do blind mound-building termites master passive heating and cooling strategies that dazzle skilled human architects? In The Origin of Species Charles Darwin conceded that such instincts are “so wonderful” that the mystery of their origin would strike many “as a difficulty sufficient to overthrow my whole theory.”

Hank Hanegraaff is joined by Eric Cassell to discuss these mysteries and more as addressed in his book book Animal Algorithms and how the continued discoveries of incredible instincts in the animal world would lead one to believe that they are strong evidence that the origins of life are the product of Intelligent Design rather than a blind, purposeless evolutionary process.

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Topics discussed include: The complex navigational systems and activities of ants (5:30); the waggle dance of the honeybee and other complex behaviors (11:00); the long-distance migration patterns and abilities of birds (13:00); what did Darwin know about genetics? (14:45); complex programmed behavior—animal algorithms (17:45); the mysterious metamorphosis of the butterfly (24:30); the unique navigational abilities of the Loggerhead sea turtle (26:15); the navigational processes and built-in compasses of animals (29:15); how can people believe that these complex processes evolved from a blind, purposeless evolutionary process? (34:35); is climate change less of an existential threat than the recent ice age? (43:00); studying animal algorithms from the top down perspective of an engineer (45:25); how evolution accounts for the coordinated development between the eyes and the brain (48:40); the wonder of the wasp sting (53:30); complex programmed societies in the animal kingdom (54:45); how could evolution explain altruism in the animal kingdom? (58:00); the sophisticated architectural abilities of animals (59:05); humans still can’t replicate the silk of spider webs (1:02:40); the challenges that complexity present for convergent evolution (1:06:00); does the word science mean the same thing to everyone? (1:13:05); survival of the fittest vs. arrival of the fittest (1:14:35); why won’t many scientists allow the explanations of Intelligent Design? (1:16:45); teleophobia in the sciences (1:20:25); addressing several of the most common objections to Intelligent Design (1:22:50). 


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