Atheists don’t believe in God. Agnostics don’t know if God exists. Theists believe in God. What do Apatheists believe? In short, they simply do not care to answer the question of God’s existence. How can you share the gospel with someone who doesn’t care?

As Western culture becomes increasingly indifferent to questions of faith, diverted by secularism, comfort, and distraction, Christians today encounter many people who don’t so much doubt the existence of a God, but are more or less apathetic about God. For maybe the first time in human history, many apatheistic individuals today are too busy to bother with pondering the existence of God. Kyle Beshears joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss his book Apatheism: How We Share When They Don’t Care, the origins of apatheism, how it has grown to epidemic levels in society today and most importantly, how Christians might impact the indifference of apatheists and impact them with gospel truth.

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Topics discussed include: What is apatheism? both a belief and a feeling towards theism (5:45); what are the conditions under which apatheism flourishes in a society? (7:00); how attempts at evangelism made Kyle Beshears aware of apatheism (10:25); Christians increasingly being influenced by the culture and experiencing apathesm as well (14:45); the importance of apologetics (21:15); similarities between apatheism and practical atheism (25:15); how our post-truth culture relates to apatheism (27:40); the continued impact of the enlightenment on the growth of apatheism (32:35); what is “appiness”? (35:35); are we too comfortable to care about God? (39:00); is the Bible still relevant today? (43:20); what is the difference between joy and happiness? (49:25); why the problems with the prosperity Gospel (55:20); how a failure to embrace spiritual disciplines can lead to apatheism in our lives (57:30); Apatheism: How We Share When They Don’t Care—the key to evangelism in our modern apatheistic environment (1:04:30); the impact that scientific materialism has had on our culture and belief in God (1:12:30); truth claims in a pluralistic society (1:16:55); do we need to repent of our sins of distraction? (1:23:05). 

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