With so many Christians capitulating to the culture, it has never been more important to understand issues of sexuality from a biblical perspective. Joe Dallas has been our lead expert on the subject at the Christian Research Institute for decades once again he joins Hank to discuss articles he has written for the Christian Research Journal about the Revoice Conference, the new film Boy Erased and whether or not the United States is closer to a state controlled church. The Bible isn’t shy about sex, leaving Christians without an excuse not to understand issues of sexuality and communicate a Christian perspective with conscience and conviction.

Topics discussed include: How important is the issue of human sexuality to our culture? (3:00); is it intolerant and violent to hold traditional views of marriage and heterosexuality? (4:55); are issues of human sexuality leading to greater levels of “big brother” and government control? (7:40); why are so many Christians capitulating to the culture when it comes to issues of homosexuality and sexuality in general? (10:05); discussing the article by Joe Dalas, Homosexuality and Modern Ministry, as well as the ministry that Joe was once president of, Exodus International (12:00) is the church supposed to be offensive in the name of truth? (17:15); what is the Revoice Conference and what is their mission? (18:35); discussing the question presented at the Revoice Conference “what does queer culture (and specifically, queer literature and theory) have to offer us who follow Christ? What queer treasure, honor, and glory will be brought into the New Jerusalem at the end of time (Revelation 21:24-26)?” (23:10); using language as a tool for progress, such as the moniker of “gay Christian,” making homosexuality and Christianity seem compatible (25:50) discussing the term spiritual friendship, as promoted at the Revoice Conference and in the book Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian (28:15) discussing sin and issues of human sexuality that affect all of us and the problem with putting a positive spin on sinful tendencies (31:25); the problem with people proclaiming that homosexuality is a gift from God (35:45); what is  conversion therapy and what is the problem with conversion therapy? (38:00); discussing the new film Boy Erased and whether Christians in general are being unfairly portrayed in Boy Erased (41:30); the new article in the Christian Research Journal titled Solo Sex and the Christian discussing the sinful mindset of masturbation (46:10); why all transformation begins with repentance and obedience (52:35); the Bible isn’t shy about sex, so how can we as Christians be better at addressing issues of sexuality in the church and with our families? (56:40); an update on California House Bill AB-2943 and whether a state controlled church is imminent in the United States (59:45); the great evil of pedophilia and what it means when those who take the sacred name of Christ are involved in it (1:02:50); the sadness of how the controversies within the Catholic church are tarnishing the name of good Catholics and Christianity as a whole, as well as diminishing the good work being done by Catholics worldwide (1:04:55); Speaking of Homosexuality: Discussing the Issues with Kindness and Clarity by Joe Dallas (1:07:10); seeking the peace that passes all understanding through Christ (1:10:50); why Joe Dallas wrote The Game Plan: The Men’s 30-Day Strategy for Attaining Sexual Integrity (1:16:20); the Sacrament of Confession and how it relates to issues of accountability in the church (1:18:30); how pro-gay advocates misinterpret the Bible and revise the truth to fit their agenda (1:21:35).

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