Joe Dallas rightly dubs cancel culture a spreading madness–a virus of twisted thinking. Belief in the normalcy of the male-female sexual union is viewed as homophobic, the immutable nature of our assigned sex, transphobic, and the value of the unborn, misogynistic. The dam has burst, submerging basic Christian morality and ethics.

Joe Dallas joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss his new book, Christians in a Cancel Culture, in which he uses his decades of wisdom as a counselor to guide Christians on how to have difficult discussions on issues such as abortion, homosexuality, race and transgenderism by using biblical discernment while wielding our Christian convictions with a gavel of grace.

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Please click here to see a review Joe Dallas did of the Netflix’s documentary, Pray Away.

Topics discussed include: Why Christians should be concerned with cancel culture (3:45); are some churches too concerned with pleasing the culture? (6:10); when it comes to biblical truth many Christians are either holding the right position with the wrong attitude or the wrong position in an effort to appease the culture (7:35); why cancel culture is more similar to a virus than a revolution (12:30); what exactly is cancel culture? (16:10); committing violence in the name of social justice (18:10); are Christians dangerous to society? (22:30); Christians must view persecution from an eternal perspective (29:15); the rise of identity politics and expanded government (33:45); why would society want to silence Christians? (37:35); if abortion is always evil, why do many Christians have abortion fatigue? (46:00); is Roe v. Wade a settled issue? (50:30); is abortion strictly a women’s issue? (55:10); why are so many Christians embracing homosexuality (58:55); the Netflix documentary Pray Away (1:01:10); will society soon control what the church can and cannot say and do? (1:09:30); the roots of Critical Race Theory (1:14:55); will social justice lead to tyranny? (1:21:45); the rapid rise of the transgender movement (1:26:30); is cancel culture a new religion? (1:35:00); the pretty poison of progressive Christianity promoted by leaders like Rob Bell (1:36:20); will Christians soon lose their religious liberty and be censored? (1:37:55).


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