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Hank Hanegraaff is joined by Dr. Mary Grabar to discuss her book Debunking the 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America. According to the New York Times’s “1619 Project,” America was not founded in 1776, with a declaration of freedom and independence, but in 1619 with the introduction of African slavery into the New World. According to Grabar, the “1619 Project” is not just bad history, it is a danger to our national life, replacing the idea, goal, and reality of American unity with race-based obsessions that we have seen play out in violence, riots, and the destruction of American monuments—not to mention the wholesale rewriting of America’s historical and cultural past. In this illuminating conversation, Grabar discusses the lies, distortions, and propaganda behind the “1619 Project” and why her book debunking it is essential reading. For more information on how to receive, Debunking the 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America, for your partnering gift please click here. 

Topics discussed include: How has Debunking the 1619 Project been received? (5:15); the problem with an apology from the American Historical Association regarding the 1619 Project (8:25); what is the origin of the 1619 Project? (12:55); how do we know which historians to trust? (15:10); who is the founder of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones? (19:30); the rise of idea laundering in academia (23:25); the dangerous decline of investigative journalism (26:30); the problem with the 1619 Project being taught in schools (35:25); the truth about Thomas Jefferson and slavery (43:10); why the abolition of slavery was so historically radical (46:25); did Thomas Jefferson really want to abolish slavery? (52:25); the mistreatment of Abraham Lincoln in the 1619 Project (1:01:00); the Constitution and slavery (1:07:30); the misappropriation and virtue signaling of the Kente cloth (1:14:20); the impact of Karl Marx on the perception of slavery in America (1:18:05); combatting the false narratives of the 1619 Project (1:19:30); the stealth edits and corrections of the 1619 Project (1:25:15).

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