Does the soul have a gender? Believe it or not, the topic of gender and the soul was discussed and decided by the early Church Fathers of the Christian faith. Today, the fundamental pillars of our humanity are being challenged in the public square as gender is being redefined in ways that seemed unimaginable even just a decade ago. Understanding the historic Christian perspective on gender and sexuality are of paramount importance, which is why Hank Hanegraaff is joined by Ben Cabe, the author of On Gender and the Soul: An Exploration of Sex/Gender and its Relation to the Soul According to the Church Fathers to discuss the historic Christian perspective and teachings of the Church Fathers on the issue and how it applies to our modern world.

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What is sex? what is gender? (5:45); how should Christians discuss gender in our modern culture? (8:45); does the soul have a gender? (12:25); the importance of drawing on Christian anthropology when assessing modern gender claims (16:10); how do incorrect beliefs on the nature of the soul lead to incorrect views on the nature of our salvation? (17:25); when does the soul enter the body? (21:10); how do sex and gender relate to theosis? (22:00); is the soul material? (24:40); what will be the nature of our resurrected bodies? (26:00); are medical science and church history in agreement? (27:15); Christian anthropology vs. Evolutionary anthropology (28:45); people born intersex (30:45); defining terms in the ongoing gender discussion (32:20); the pressure on the medical and educational establishments to conform to modern identity distinctions (34:50); is it hateful for Christians to disagree with the LGBT worldview? (36:20); the importance of relying on the Church Fathers and the consensus of the historic Christian faith when addressing modern issues such as identity and gender (38:50); the reality of the demonic in our world (41:00); is sex-reassignment surgery ever be permissible? (43:30); why is it important for Christians to understand issues such as gender? (44:00); the reality of both gender dysphoria and social influences on the gender perception of modern youth (46:00); why is the position of the Church Fathers on gender relevant to our modern discussion on gender? (48:15).

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