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Fire in the streets has become commonplace as society appears to be literally and figuratively burning down by revolutionary movements that have made their way into almost every institution, including our Churches. While you might not recognize it, the root beneath much of the chaos is an ideology called Critical Theory—a reductionistic form of cultural Marxism that divides society into the oppressed and the oppressors. Longtime Christian Research Journal contributor Professor Doug Groothuis joins Hanegraaff to discuss why he felt compelled to write Fire in the Streets to equip Christians with a better understanding of what Critical Theory is, how it is infiltrating nearly every sector of society and how to counter it confidently and constructively with an orthodox Christian worldview.

For more information see Fire in the Streets: How You Can Confidently Respond to Incendiary Cultural Topics  by Douglas R. Groothuis available for your partnering gift.

Topics discussed include: What is Critical Theory? What is the connection between Critical Theory and Marxism? (4:45); what is the difference between Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory? (10:30); why is capitalism the best option? (18:15); why are so many young people buying into socialism? (22:35); the Marxist origins of Black Lives Matter (28:35); how can we learn to discern what sources to trust for our news and information? (31:20); the odd phenomenon of woke capitalism (36:15); are we aware of the influence of propaganda and party cliches in our world today? (38:05); the 1619 Project (40:05); should we send our kids to public school? (44:30); is the United States Constitution racist? (47:50); developing a Christian philosophy of citizenship (50:20); reverse racism being promoted by public intellectuals such as Ibram Kendi (53:45); what is the difference between equality and equity? (58:25); affirmative action (1:01:45); how is Critical Race Theory in opposition to freedom of speech? (1:03:50); how should Christians respond to the problems posed by Critical Theory? (1:07:50); the need for Christian education as opposed to public schooling (1:10:20); the theme of fire used by Groothuis in his book Fire in the Streets (1:12:25)

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