Can we trust the Bible? The Christian faith is firmly rooted in the teachings of the New Testament—but can we really trust the Bible? Skeptics will tell you that the authenticity of the Bible cannot be trusted, arguing that the Gospel manuscripts have been doctored to push a theological agenda. Dr. Craig Evans joins Hank to discuss his film Fragments of Truth, which could be faith-saving for the many thousands of believers who have been caused to doubt their faith due to illegitimate and inaccurate claims concerning biblical authority and accuracy.

Topics discussed include: Can we trust the Bible? (7:30); how archeology supports the authenticity of biblical narratives (8:50); how Misquoting Jesus inspired Dr. Craig Evans to correct Bart Ehrman’s misrepresentations of biblical manuscripts (13:30); is the claim by Bart Ehrman that the Bible has been altered true? (15:55); the problem of historical and biblical illiteracy (18:45); how did Jesus teach his disciples to communicate? (24:30); the two sides of Bart Ehrman (27:45); how long were the original manuscripts (autographs) of the Bible kept in circulation? (30:10); the difference between papyrus and parchment and how they were used for biblical manuscripts (35:05); the significance of the early fragments of the New Testament such as P52 (an early fragment from the Gospel of John) and the mistake of taking the Bible for granted (40:10); P45, the most ancient collection of all four Gospels (48:05); is the late dating of many New Testament biblical scholars arbitrary or biased? (55:30); the eyewitness testimony of biblical authors (57:45); viewing the life of Christ using extrabiblical historical accounts (1:01:10); the science of textual criticism and the process of dating ancient manuscripts (1:04:10); textual variants and their frequencies (1:07:25); the etymology of the term autograph, literally meaning written by himself (1:11:20); the discipline of textual criticism (1:16:00); how do we know that the four Gospels were actually written by Mathew, Mark, Luke and John? (1:16:50); what is a gloss? (1:19:50); addressing the long ending of Mark (1:22:35); the longer ending to the Lord’s Prayer (1:29:00); addressing examples of agraphons (1:30:25); the canon of Scripture (1:32:15); is it possible for a rogue scribe to have substantially changed the New Testament? (1:35:15); the myth that the Emperor Constantine picked the books of the biblical canon as pushed by popular authors like Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code (1:36:30); the importance of The Dead Sea Scrolls (1:38:35).

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