Jackie Hill Perry is an incredible writer, poet, artist and a gifted communicator of Christian truth. She is also the author of one of Hank’s favorite books in years, Gay Girl, Good God and joins Hank to discuss her journey out of a homosexual lifestyle, offering a much needed testimony for a time when society has embraced radical changes to traditional views of sexual identity. Jackie Hill Perry didn’t write Gay Girl, Good God to merely point out the mistakes of her past, but to shine light on the power of a relationship with God while helping people understand the realities of same-sex attraction. This is a truly a can’t miss conversation.

Topics discussed include: What made Jackie Hill Perry go against the cultural perspective of sexuality in favor of a biblical perspective (3:00); the power of words and narratives (6:25); how personal autonomy relates to the issues of abortion, sexual freedom and sexual identity (8:50); the impact of abuse and fatherlessness (12:05); the role of conscience in our lives as a reminder of truth (16:00); the error of what Jackie Hill Perry calls the heterosexual gospel, believing that only a fraction of our humanity needs saving (18:55); the different ways we identify ourselves (24:50); God didn’t come into the world to give us joy, but to be our joy (28:15); Jackie Hill Perry reacts to a negative review of her book Gay Girl, Good God on Amazon (30:45); learning to see ourselves through the lens of Scripture rather than through the lens of culture (33:35); how sin can feel natural (36:30); the role of the church to impact society and the importance of discipleship in the church (38:00); the stereotype that pornography is only a male problem (41:30); does Jackie Hill Perry still experience same-sex sexual temptation? (43:05); Jackie Hill Perry’s passion for poetry (44:20); the power and significance of apologetics (46:40); a passion for scripture and the beauty of being able to give biblical answers (48:10); how Jackie Hill Perry came up with the title Gay Girl, Good God and what she hopes people get from the reading the book (51:20); a lightning round of questions on Gay Girl, Good God (53:50); the importance of having an eternal perspective (1:00:25).

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