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We are thrilled to present a series of conversations between our dear brothers in Christ, Francis Chan and Metropolitan Yohan (aka KP Yohannan). These conversations were initiated by criticism that Francis Chan received as a result of publicly discussing the history of the church and the Eucharist and inspired by our desire to promote dialogue on divisive issues within the body of Christ in a spirit of brotherly love to honor the high priestly prayer of our Heavenly Father just before His passion on the cross “that they may all be one…so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (John 17:21) On behalf of Francis Chan and Metropolitan Yohan, we hope that these conversations will inspire you to inspect Church history, encourage you to engage in dialogue with those that you may disagree with and live the answer to our Lord’s High Priestly prayer that we may all be one. “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)

History, Mystery and the Eucharist is the first episode in this four part series of round table conversations and the discussion is on the importance of understanding the history of the church and the mystery of the Eucharist.

Topics discussed include: Hank introduces the first in a series of conversations with Francis Chan and Metropolitan Yohan and the desire of these men to work towards unity in the body of Christ (0:25); Francis Chan responds to the controversy concerning comments he made regarding the history and meaning of the Eucharist (2:50); how an examination of Church history changed Hank’s view on the Eucharist (6:15); for the first 1000 years Christians were undivided at the communion table and the evolution of the different explanations of the Eucharist (15:00); Francis Chan explains his current confusion over the true meaning of the Eucharist because for his entire life he viewed the Eucharist as a mere remembrance and every other view as heresy (24:35); Metropolitan Yohan explains when he realized that he was becoming a lawyer for God, all head knowledge and little experiential life in union with Christ (26:10); Francis Chan questions whether a certain view of the Eucharist is necessary to experience authentic union with Christ and sanctification (43:30); Hank discusses why he felt as though he had become a lawyer for Christ and how that caused him to wonder whether he was even a Christian (46:10); misunderstanding deification (49:00) stay tuned for the rest of the conversation between Francis Chan, Metropolitan Yohan and Hank Hanegraaff coming soon (55:40).


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