Ignatius of Antioch said that “Christianity is greatest when it is hated by the world.” Facing an overwhelmingly dark and hostile culture, Rome’s early Christians took the steps necessary to transform it—laying the foundation for a Judeo-Christian culture that changed civilization for centuries to come. As we watch Western Civilization crumble, learning from the struggles and lessons of early Christians affords us hope that, by imitating their example, we may do the same for our culture today.

Hank Hanegraaff is joined by James Papandrea, co-author of How Christianity Saved Civilization…And Must Do So Again, to discuss how Christianity might, once again, transform our dark and hostile culture.

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Topics discussed include: The only acceptable intolerance in our society (6:50); should the church change? (8:40); are we smarter than our ancestors? the brilliance of the Church Fathers (11:15); the Bible and Holy Tradition (14:25); why were Christians so hated in the early Roman Empire? (16:50); Christianity, Constantine and the history of religious freedom (22:00); is it self-evident that all people are created equal? (28:35); perpetuation as opposed to innovation (30:35); how involved should Christians be in the community? (32:45); the true significance of the Trinity to the world (35:00); is there a difference between abortion and infanticide? (37:35); the parallels between widows, orphans and the Eucharist (40:50); envisioning a world without slavery (44:30); the impact that Christianity had on the importance of children and family (45:35); how Christianity revolutionized the way we look at work (47:35); should Christians give to those that beg? (49:45); why the idea that the Church is for everyone was radical (54:00); how can forgiveness revolutionize the world? (1:01:50); caring for the poor is not optional for Christians (1:04:00); why is the Christian view of death revolutionary? (1:06:45); how do we measure human value? (1:11:50); the purpose of hierarchy in the Church (1:13:55); how can the Church change the world again? (1:18:45); should Christians isolate themselves from society? (1:22:10); technology should never replace community—especially in the Church (1:24:10); we must speak up and defend the Church (1:26:00); Christians should be joyful (1:27:20); how can Christians—Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox—best embrace unity to save civilization? (1:28:25). 

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