The doctrine of hell as a place of eternal punishment has never been easy for Christians to accept. The temptation to retreat from and reject a traditional teaching of hell for more palatable alternatives such as universalism or annihilationism is particularly strong in our current culture, which has demonstrably lost its sense of sin. Likewise, we live in a death denying culture. But, it is undeniable that you are going to die. This simple fact makes understanding eternity of the utmost importance. Will you enjoy an eternity in Heaven or an eternity suffering in hell? Fr. Lawrence Farley joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss the traditional teaching on this difficult subject through the lens of Scripture to show that the existence of an eternal hell does not negate that of a loving and forgiving God.

To learn more about his article, in the current edition of the Christian Research Journal entitled, “In Defense of the Church’s Traditional Doctrine of Hell”  and subscribe and receive this as your first issue (Spring 2021) please click here. For more information on Fr. Farley’s book, Unquenchable Fire: The Traditional Christian Teaching about Hell please click here. 

Topics discussed include: An overview of a traditional view of hell as opposed to the rising popularity of universalism (0:25); did Christ teach of an eternal hell? (8:50); does the Bible teach of an eternal heaven and hell? (12:50); how modern culture has lost a sense of sin and sought to domesticate the Divine (14:40); discussing the meaning of the Greek word for eternal, “aionion” (21:30); misunderstanding the Book of Revelation (25:25); discussing Origen and others who believed in universalism as opposed to the majority of Church Fathers that taught a traditional view of an eternal hell (29:15); the importance of tradition in contrast with individualistic interpretations (35:00);  is eternal punishment fair? (40:00); what is wrong with annihilationism? (48:10); how universalism invalidates free-will and morality (50:55); what is the difference between universalism and annihilationism (conditionalism)? what do they have in common? (53:30); if someone has never heard of Jesus will they go to hell? (55:20); the danger of a culture that has ceased to think critically (1:07:00); if your church is dramatically conforming to the world you need to reconsider whether it is a true church or a trap door to hell (1:11:45); what is the difference between Hades and Gehenna? (1:13:30); the importance of free-will (1:18:00); is the fire in hell real? (1:20:15); why is it important to adhere to traditional church doctrines on issues such as hell? (1:21:50); how important is the topic of hell? (1:24:25).

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