​What do you do when you don’t know the answer to a question? “Research and return” is Hank’s policy when asked a question on the Bible Answer Man that he is unsure of—something we should all practice when we are unsure of an answer.

Likewise, Hank Hanegraaff understands that sometimes answers that he did provide may have been incorrect or insufficient.

While you may have seen some of the same questions in past editions of The Complete Bible Answer Book—this Collectors Edition pays testament to the policy of research and return—as each answer was returned to and painstakingly researched to ensure the utmost of accuracy. The Complete Bible Answer Book—Collectors Edition—is the comprehensive collection of the most often-asked questions Hank Hanegraaff has received throughout his four decades as host of the Bible Answer Man. With more than half a million copies already in print, this revised and expanded collector’s edition contains over 210 questions and answers, including more than twenty memorable “Hankronyms.” Answers help seekers and skeptics alike sort through the truth on topics such as reliability of the Bible, basic apologetics, creation, spiritual growth, ethics, religions and cults, the resurrection and afterlife, and many more issues vital to a better understanding of God in Christ and our relationship to Him.

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