Jesus Christ, God incarnate, had a fully human mother and her name was Mary. For most of his Christian life, Hank Hanegraaff lacked a proper appreciation for the grandeur and glory of the Mother of our Savior. As Christians, does the Mother of God matter to us? Brandi Willis Schreiber joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss her own quest to know and love the Virgin Mary and to incorporate Mary into her own spiritual life—and we hope that this conversation will encourage you to do the same.  

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Topics discussed include: How can Mary help us to better understand the nature of Christ? (8:30); why representations of Mary always point us to Christ (12:10); differing views of Mary and why many struggle to understand the role of Mary in the Christian life (17:00); the reality that Jesus Christ, God incarnate, had a fully human mother (23:50); the importance of Holy Tradition in relation to Mary (27:55); should we ask for the prayers of Mary and the Saints? (32:00); looking to Mary as the ultimate example of union with Christ—deification (36:20); the role of Mary in the incarnation of Christ and our Salvation (40:15); saying yes to God—Mary’s yes and free-will (42:05); the relationship between Mary and Angels (45:20); the portrayal of Mary in the Gospel of Luke (48:05); Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding at Cana and the association between Mary and the miraculous (52:00); the perpetual virginity of Mary (59:45); the difference between betrothal in biblical times and our modern conception of engagement and marriage (1:02:05); the significance of Holy Tradition and Church history (1:08:50); the physical reality of Mary carrying Jesus Christ in her womb and her role in our Salvation as the mother of God (1:16:45); the art of writing (1:21:50); the discipline of reading and why it is so important (1:27:45). 

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