Should Christians be involved in politics? Christians in America have the historically unique power to enact laws that advance the common good and must take this special obligation seriously by using good judgement while voting and supporting legislation and political candidates. We might not always agree on the policies and candidates that are the best option to advance the common good, but there is no doubt that Christians have a biblical mandate to advance it. Frank Beckwith joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss the way systems of government work and how public policies become the social and legal fabric of our country—shaping the quality of our national character. If “statecraft is soulcraft,” then Christians cannot remain silent at the ballot box. The soul of our nation is at stake. For more information please see Politics for Christians: Statecraft as Soulcraft by Francis J. Beckwith. 

Topics discussed include: Statecraft as Soulcraft—is politics essentially about making people good citizens? (5:00); The etymology of politics—what does politics really mean? (7:25); are lobbyists bad? (9:30); what is a liberal democracy? (11:10); the power of administrative agencies and the significance of separation of powers (16:30); Amy Coney Barrett, Originalism and Constitutional interpretation (20:00); what makes the Constitution special? (25:20); what is worse—tyranny or injustice? (31:40); why isn’t church viewed as an essential service? (36:25); can we be good without God? (38:30); should we be worried about losing our freedom of speech? (42:55); the commodification of church and the view of religion as a sort of hobby (45:00); the tyranny of the majority, why we don’t have a pure democracy and whether we should we get rid of the electoral college? (52:00); natural rights and natural law (1:00:40); economics, social justice and Christianity (1:06:30); unintended economic outcomes of political policies (1:10:25); Marxism and the identity politics of Cultural Marxism (1:12:45); holding Divine providence and free will in tension (1:18:20); the irony of Dianne Feinstein telling Amy Coney Barrett that “the dogma lives loudly within you” (1:21:20); is there a problem with corruption in the news media? (1:23:35). 


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