Cindee Martin Morgan is the daughter of the late Dr. Walter Martin, who was the founder and former president of the Christian Research Institute, and the original Bible Answer Man. On this episode of Hank Unplugged she joins Hank for a conversation on her new book on the history of the Christian Research Institute, the Bible Answer Man broadcast and the man who founded both, her father Dr. Walter Martin.

Topics discussed include: What inspired Cindee Martin Morgan to write a book on the history of the Christian Research Institute and her father Dr. Walter Martin (3:15); what it was like growing up as the daughter of Dr. Walter Martin, the original Bible Answer Man (9:35); the enduring influence and legacy of Dr. Walter Martin (16:05); how Dr. Walter Martin became a leader of the Christian countercult movement (18:15); the origins of the name of the Bible Answer Man broadcast (22:35); the visionary idea of a computerized apologetics database compiling apologetics answers at the Christian Research Institute (23:50); Dr. Walter Martin and his relationship with Jehovah’s Witnesses (25:25); Dr. Walter Martin’s conviction that controversy for the sake of controversy is sin, controversy for the sake of truth is a divine command (27:35); did Dr. Walter Martin believe that Catholics hold to the essentials of the Christian faith? (33:50); the Maze of Mormonism (40:10); the time that Dr. Walter Martin was a guest pastor on the CBS program Bride and Groom (42:15); a deep belief in God’s healing and a passion for praying for the sick (45:00); the reality of spiritual warfare (47:10); Dr. Walter Martin’s personal struggles with doubt (54:15); Cindee Martin Morgan reflects on the time Dr. Walter Martin introduced her to Hank Hanegraaff for the first time (58:05); Cindee Martin Morgan’s perspective on the differences between her father and Hank Hanegraaff as leaders of the Christian Research Institute (1:01:45); Walter Martin’s brave evangelistic encounters (1:03:35); following truth wherever it leads and the reconciliation between CRI and The Local Church (1:09:30); recollections of Dr. Walter Martin (1:22:35); Cindee Martin Morgan’s passionate defense for the life of the unborn (1:26:05); is the abortion debate changing for the next generation? (1:30:05).

To learn more about Cindee Martin Morgan’s book, The Bible Answer Man: Walter Martin and Hank Hanegraaff: Dr. Martin’s Daughter Reflects on CRI’s Founder, Its History, and Its Current President, please click here. 

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