If you’ve found the last year challenging, you’re not alone. In fact, millions believe that this last year has been the most brutal year of their lives. Sadly, many have surrendered to a life of settling when we should be soaring—resigning when we should be renewing! That’s why Renewing YOU: A Priest, a Psychologist, and Plan couldn’t be more timely. Written by a husband and a wife—Dr. Nicholas Louh a priest, and Dr. Roxanne Louh a clinical psychologist—the Louhs are a marriage of two different worlds and fields of study—uniting the fields of faith and psychology for inward reflection that leads to lasting transformation. Nicholas and Roxanne Louh join Hank Hanegraaff to discuss their methods for personal renewal that combine principles of spiritual growth with psychological tools to help you become your best self, fully connected with God’s purpose for you and your life.

Topics discussed include: Combining principles for spiritual growth with psychological tools to unlock God’s potential for our lives (4:15); what was it like for Nick and Roxanne Louh to co-author a book together as husband and wife? (7:00); are psychology and religion in conflict? (9:20); the process for renewal that the Lenten season provides (12:15); how Christians should find their purpose in life (16:15); the importance of continual growth in the life of a Christian (21:40); the importance of developing spiritual disciplines to combat spiritual warfare (29:00); the importance of having a vision for our lives (35:30); why is confession important in the life of a Christian? (37:10); liturgical practices and the mystery of the Eucharist (42:00); why do people settle for less in life? (46:45); how our thoughts determine our lives (50:40); the discipline of seeking stillness to be with God and hear His voice (53:30); practicing the first fifteen method (56:40); the book of Proverbs and a practice called the “brain dump” (59:25); different types of thinking errors that hijack our minds (1:04:15); extreme absolutist thinking (1:10:30); the importance of being in the present (1:13:45); the significance of having a place to be quiet and seek stillness (1:16:45); the Jesus Prayer and different types of prayer (1:20:30); why is discernment so important? (1:25:30); what are passions? (1:28:50); neural pathways and the way God designed our brains for elasticity (1:31:10); is there a difference between bad habits and addiction? (1:33:30); the impact of guilt on our lives (1:35:45); myths about forgiveness (1:37:30); the testimony of Hank’s sister Jobje and seeing suffering as an opportunity for growth (1:42:30); the testimony of Hank’s sister Jobje as an incredible example of marriage and the foundation of a good marriage (1:47:30); being intentional about teaching our children values (1:53:45); the meaning behind the number 86,400 (2:00:15).  

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