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In modern church history, Scripture is often pitted against tradition and vice versa. What does the Bible really say about Tradition? Prominent New Testament scholar Edith Humphrey, who understands the issue from both Protestant and Catholic/Orthodox perspectives, joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss the importance of tradition, how Scripture and tradition are not in opposition but are necessarily and inextricably intertwined as God’s gift to the church.

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Topics discussed include: Why is the relationship between Scripture and Tradition so important? (4:00); is sola scriptura biblical? (9:00); the difference between sola scriptura and prima scriptura (11:50); different views of Scripture and Tradition in the East and the West (13:55); the foundation and formation of the early Church and the Bible (18:20); Christians are more than just People of the Book (26:25); how did the Church give us the Bible? (29:45); is the biblical canon limited to written books alone? (34:25); addressing the differences in translations and the number of books included in the Bible (36:30); what does Holy Tradition have to say about the ordination of women? (43:35); the different translations of the word tradition in the Bible shows the fine line between interpretation and translation (49:50); why is tradition often viewed as primarily oral? (51:30); understanding the Book of Revelation (53:35); how do the prophets and traditions show us the real meanings of the Scriptures? (1:00:35); the significance of the Ecumenical councils on Holy Tradition and Canon law (1:05:10); the exaggerated claims of the Papacy that led to the Great Schism—the split between the Church in the East and the Church in the West (1:11:30); what is the significance of celibacy in the Christian faith? (1:19:30); why is it problematic to rewrite the Psalms as gender-neutral? (1:24:00); what is the difference between tradition and Holy Tradition? (1:26:20); the problems with re-gendering the language of Scripture (1:28:30); tradition is the life of the Church (1:31:00).

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