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Transgenderism is a gateway to transhumanism—both ideologies formed by the materialist myth that our culture has consumed which consequently shapes their hopes and fears for the future. There is no denying that Gender Ideology and Artificial Intelligence are reshaping the world as we know it—but how should Christians respond to these seismic changes in society? Jay Richards is an expert on both subjects and joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss the dangers of gender ideology and the promise of AI.

Should we fear AI? Richards believes that the AI hysteria is overblown and that the term Artificial Intelligence is the greatest marketing coup ever conceived of. To understand why machines will not replace us you have to understand why materialism is false, which is why Richards wrote The Human Advantage: The Future of American Work in an Age of Smart Machines to bust the materialist myth. But, AI does pose real dangers and the only antidote to danger is virtue so Christians must respond by cultivating virtue in their lives and communities.

While fears over AI are overblown, Richards believes that Gender ideology is the greatest assault on human nature ever devised. The threat is so immense that he is dedicated to fighting this insidious ideology and wrote the cover article to the Christian Research Journal dedicated to explaining everything you need to know about the cult of wokeism.

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Topics discussed include: How materialism leads to the false anthropology of gender identity ideology (3:25); is DEI compatible with a Christian worldview? (7:50); the huge financial incentive behind transgender care for medical providers (13:30); does intersex condition prove that there are more than two sexes? (15:05); is gender ideology a pathway to transhumanism? (17:30); AI hysteria—AI is the greatest marketing strategy ever devised (19:15); Elon Musk and the Silicon Valley denial of consciousness (24:40); bold predictions about artificial intelligence (26:00); will machines have an ultimate advantage over humans? (27:30); the massive opportunities that AI represents (29:45); Moravec’s Paradox—the hard problems are easy and the easy problems are hard (34:15); the problem with most education programs today (38:50); the great advantages that AI represent in the medical world (40:30); debunking the lump of labor myth (42:20); what is critical thinking? (45:45); the key to the future is human virtue—what is virtue? why is virtue important? (48:00); why does virtue distinguish the human advantage over artificial intelligence found in machines (50:25); what is courage? (52:10); what is anti-fragility? why is anti-fragility a virtue? (56:05); are altruism and capitalism incompatible? myths and misunderstandings about what Adam Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations (1:00:15); should we follow our passions? (1:06:20); the virtue of collaboration and Metcalfe’s law (1:13:40); freedom is the capstone virtue (1:18:00); what is the difference between weak artificial intelligence and strong artificial intelligence? (1:20:25); is the happy life a virtuous life? (1:27:25); how should AI be regulated? (1:29:10); the only antidote to danger is virtue and this is true for the problems posed by AI (1:33:10); to understand why machines will not replace us you have to understand why materialism is false—busting the materialist myth (1:34:35); the dangers of AI (1:36:45); how will AI change education? (1:39:00).


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