Nathan Jacobs is a renaissance man. As an artist, author, philosopher, professor and filmmaker, Dr. Jacobs is truly an inspirational, informative and interesting individual. He joins Hank Hanegraaff for a series of podcasts seeking to better explain Eastern Orthodoxy and explain away many of the most common misconceptions people have about Eastern Orthodoxy. In this podcast they discuss Sola Scriptura and the dangers of Sola Scriptura becoming “Solo Scriptura.”

Topics discussed include: Early New Testament manuscripts and how soon after the ascension of Christ we actually had a New Testament (3:25); Christianity and the Church was established and practiced before there was a compiled New Testament through the teachings of Christ to the Apostles (6:15); the importance of a proper interpretation of Scripture (9:00); Christian beliefs and practices that are not found in the Bible and whether Sola Scriptura is biblical (10:55); the problems with so many competing and contradictory interpretations of the Bible (15:50); closing thoughts on Sola Scriptura (24:20).

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