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If you have children—or simply care about children—then you must listen to this episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast. The book co-authored by guest Bethany Mandel, Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation, provides an urgent deep dive into issues surrounding the current woke indoctrination happening in politics, education, medicine, mental health, entertainment, and culture.

These issues may seem subtle, insidious, and hard to make sense of, but armed with the right information we now have a framework from which to fight. While we may simply be trying to parent our children well and create a healthy and happy home environment, this is no longer enough. We must now go on the offense to protect our kids. We can no longer afford to stay ignorant. Our children’s lives and the survival of our families are at stake.

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Topics discussed includeIn praise of resiliency—the importance of embracing resiliency over victimhood (5:00); defining the word woke (7:30); the rising embrace of Marxism by many in the West (11:00); Stolen Youth—the growing attack against parents (13:00); never let a crisis go to waste—how the pandemic accelerated the issue of wokeness (16:00); the dangerous problem of apathy in our culture (18:30); “gender affirming care” as an example of the importance of effective messaging on key issues (22:25);  the financial incentives behind many woke movements (24:10); between schools and TikTok, the insidious indoctrination of our children (25:20); Critial Race Theory, Critical Theory and the cultural Marxism being taught in our school systems (29:25); Universities are more concerned with teaching students what to think rather than how to think (32:00); the importance of raising critical thinkers (34:25); the downfall of Disney—how did such a wholesome and family friendly company become so woke? (38:45); the American Library Association and the power of librarians to indoctrinate our children (41:45); the mixed messages on motherhood in our culture today (47:45); reasons for hope in the midst of our current cultural moment (54:00); the perils of woke medicine—pediatrics is one of the most left-leaning sectors of the entire medical establishment (1:01:00); the breakdown of institutional trust (1:07:00); the transgender crusade and the subsequent sociological experiment being performed on children (1:09:00); why are parents allowing their children to be experimented on? (1:13:30); referring to pedophiles as MAPS—minor attracted persons—how did we get to the place where we have sexualized children and pedophilia is just another sexual orientation? (1:18:55); how the left has turned children into child soldiers to advance their ideology (1:21:55); how can we protect our children from absorbing the woke worldview (1:26:30); should you send your kids to public schools? (1:29:30).

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