Dr. Paul Nelson is a philosopher and a prominent leader in the Intelligent Design movement as well as a key figure in the films of Illustra Media. Dr. Nelson joins Hank to discuss how the power of cinema can convey the complexity of the universe and how the films by Illustra Media, such as the most recent film The Call of the Cosmos, use the evidence of creation as an evangelistic tool to expand the kingdom of Christ without saying a word.

Topics discussed include: the significance of the new film from Illustra Media, The Call of the Cosmos (9:00); does nature reveal the existence of God? (11:05); how NASA scientist Robert Jastrow began to hold the belief that if there was a beginning to the universe, there is also a Creator (14:30); the difference the films by Illustra Media are making around the globe and how Christians can use these films as an evangelistic tool to transform lives (18:10); does God speak to us through the book of nature, His creation? (23:00); is the size and complexity of the universe a sign of a creator? (28:25); lunar eclipses as an example that we are living on a privileged planet (32:20); was Carl Sagan right when he called our planet insignificant? (36:20); looking to Christ as our example for how to practice proper evangelism (40:15); what is Intelligent Design? What is the state of the Intelligent Design movement? (45:20); the importance of following the truth, wherever it leads (48:20); arguments against popular Darwinian positions such as his view of common descent and Darwin’s Tree of Life (51:00); what the theory of evolution fails to explain [click for further review as referenced in conversation ] (56:20); remembering the presence, power, and control of the Holy Spirit (59:20); how Illustra Media harnesses the power of a camera lens to reveal the complexity of design in the universe (1:02:00); the metamorphosis of a butterfly as a metaphor for resurrection (1:06:30); thinking critically about the popular icons of evolution (1:13:00); how Paul Nelson once wanted to be an artist before he fell in love with the beauty of science forty years ago and never looked back (1:15:35).

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