Joe Dallas joins Hank for an emergency Hank Unplugged podcast to discuss California bill AB-2943, a bill making it illegal for Christians to provide biblically based counseling for those wanting to get help for unwanted same-sex attractions. Dallas is an ordained pastoral counselor and program director of Genesis Biblical Counseling in Tustin, California, which is a counseling ministry for men dealing with sexual addiction and other sexual/relational problems. The two discuss the dire implications this bill has on our society, whether the Sexual Revolution has led to the Censorship Revolution, and how this could lead to a state church and an underground church in America. This podcast is a must-listen dealing with a critical issue that all Christians should be concerned about.

Topics discussed include: how should Christians be prepared to talk about controversial sexual issues? (3:00); California Bill AB-2943 criminalizing Christians providing biblically based counseling for those wanting help with unwanted same-sex attractions (7:45); is Bill AB-2943 unconstitutional, and does that even matter anymore? (12:25); rising levels of censorship by the state (15:45); how to respond to censorship of Christian beliefs (17:45); the need for healthy discipleship within the church to influence positive changes in society (20:30); as the state continues to censor organizations, will the church to rise to the occasion and help those wrestling with sexual problems? (25:15); the Sexual Revolution – then and now (27:00); did redefining marriage lead to redefining gender? What is next? (32:50); what will happen to society if we continue to make sexual distinctions arbitrary? (35:40); redefinition of marriage and the impact on children (41:00); a societal trend to appeal to emotion over reason (43:00); could this lead to a state church and an underground church in America? (45:50); Christians, Trump, and separating personality and policy in politics (50:30); “Impuritans” imposing totalitarian sexual views (53:15); has the Sexual Revolution led to the Censorship Revolution? (55:00); living with eternity in mind in the midst of persecution (59:00); remembering Elliot Miller (1:05:45); the three most important things for Christians to do today (1:07:25); California banning the books written by Joe Dallas (1:11:15); the powerful problem of pornography (1:14:00); a call to prayer and a call for wisdom (1:20:00).

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