Douglas Murray, the author of The Madness of Crowds, joins Hank to discuss the most defining and divisive issues of our era—sexuality, gender, technology and race—revealing the culture wars playing out in our workplaces, universities, schools and homes in the names of social justice, identity politics and intersectionality.

Topics discussed include: What is social justice? Is social justice a religious movement? (6:45); the rise of identity politics (8:45); why intersectionality is the ugliest word in the English language according to Douglas Murray (10:00); how the views on gay marriage have shifted so quickly (12:30); why Murray began his book by addressing the gay agenda (16:30); is being gay a choice or are you born that way? (18:50); the myth of harmony in the LGBTQ “community” and the reductionism of identity groupings (23:45); have we reversed the dream of Martin Luther King Jr? (26:00); the order of the LGBTQ alphabet (28:50); the complexity of identity (32:40); why viewing life through the lens of power struggles exposes the Marxist foundations of identity politics and intersectionality (37:30); the Ponzi scheme of American Universities and how academia has ceased to be exploration of ideas and turned into activism, especially in American Universities (44:45); evolving views on sexuality and the deeply dishonest state of double standards in society (47:40); the dangerous overcorrection of equality (51:20); the impossible demands and contradictions of society today (54:05); the irony of social justice warriors (1:01:00); the danger of a society that has forgotten about forgiveness (1:04:45); the role of technology in the madness of crowds and how Silicon Valley is deranging us faster than anything else (1:10:50); the dangerous agenda of identity politics (1:12:40); the issue with whiteness studies (1:16:40); the reception of The Madness of Crowds (1:19:45); why has society failed to critically think through the transgender issue? (1:22:10); how can we combat the madness of crowds? (1:31:25).

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