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The world would be better off without men—especially men with “toxic masculinity.” While the culture might tell you this is true, Dr. Nancy Pearcey takes the pervasive premise of toxic masculinity to task in her tour de force The Toxic War on Masculinity and joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss why masculinity is not the problem that it is presented to be. Pearcey’s combination of thorough historical analysis and compelling research makes this a conversation that will radically alter the way that you view gender roles—showing how Christianity reconciles the sexes and exposing the war being waged against masculinity today for what it truly is—toxic.

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Topics discussed include: The Toxic War on Masculinity vs. “toxic masculinity” (4:15); how do we know Christianity is true? the importance of Christian apologetics (6:10); is masculinity toxic or a good thing? (11:00); what does it mean to be a good man? (13:30); are there real differences between men and women? (17:00); Oxytocin—the biological changes that take place in men when bonding with their children (20:15); the impact of pornography on toxic masculinity (23:30); what group of men are the most loving and caring husbands and fathers? (27:30); the paradox of Christian marriage—what headship really entails (33:30); how did Christianity revolutionize marriage? (38:10); how did the Industrial Revolution impact men as husbands and fathers? (45:15); why did so many women oppose the Women’s suffrage movement? (53:50); historically speaking abortion has been anti-woman—so how did pro-choice support become synonymous with pro-woman? (1:03:45); can we bring both men and women back into the home? the benefits of flex-work and working from home (1:06:45); debunking the romantic myth of the noble savage (1:11:00); the rise of liberalism, emotionalism and the subsequent rejection of the supernatural in religion (1:17:10); the true meaning of meekness (1:20:15); the role Darwinian evolution played in the degradation of both men and women (1:21:40); the moral bankruptcy of materialism (1:29:20); your view of God is what determines your view of masculinity (1:33:00); what makes men truly happy? (1:36:00); why is a proper perspective on masculinity so important? (1:38:15); the difference between fathers and dads (1:42:45); is there such a thing as toxic femininity? (1:45:45); the significance of having an authentic father (1:47:40).

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