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In the greatest sermon ever preached—The Sermon on the Mount—Christ provides us with the three-legged stool of prayer, fasting and almsgiving that is axiomatic for living the Christian life of experiencing an ever-deepening union with God. As we observe the Lord’s example it is evident that in order to grow in our faith it is essential that we devote our lives to developing these disciplines in our daily lives.

Fr. Evan Armatas refers to these disciplines as a “spiritual toolkit” and joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss the fundamentals of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in a conversation that is both practical and profound.

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Topics discussed include: Jesus taught us to practice prayer, fasting and almsgiving in His Sermon on the Mount (1:00); what is the purpose of prayer? (7:20); what is the eye of the soul? Exploring the idea of the “nous” (10:25); who do we pray to when we pray? the importance of understanding Trinitarian prayer (12:10); should we only practice extemporaneous prayer? the importance of praying written prayers and praying in a liturgical fashion (16:30); the little church—the importance of having a prayer corner in our homes (24:00); can tending to a vigil lamp can change your life? (34:30); what should we do with our body while we pray? (37:35); creation and incarnation –matter matters (40:45); what is the significance of almsgiving? almsgiving is not something we do, but it is something we become (47:00); what is toxic charity and how can we avoid it? (55:45); the way that the liturgical calendar of the Church can aid us in our spiritual growth (59:10); the liturgical calendar walks you through the life of Christ throughout the year (1:06:45); why is fasting an important practice for every Christian? (1:09:45); the importance of building spiritual disciplines over time (1:17:30); why are so many modern Christians hesitant to embrace the spiritual discipline of fasting (1:20:30); the four seasons of fasting for Christians (1:23:00); Christianity is about setting patterns of practice that reorient our lives towards an eternal process of growing closer to God (1:27:50); the joyful sorrow of prayer, fasting and almsgiving (1:32:50).

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