Despite being the second largest Christian communion globally, Eastern Orthodox Theology is unknown or misunderstood for most people living in the West. When Hank Hanegraaff joined the Eastern Orthodox Church, many were left wondering what it is that Eastern Orthodox Christians actually believe.

In A Basic Guide to Eastern Orthodox Theology: Introducing Beliefs and Practices, Dr. Eve Tibbs has written the preeminent resource for a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the beliefs and practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church for Western readers. Tibbs has devoted her career to translating the Orthodox faith to an evangelical audience and has over twenty years of experience teaching this material to students. She joins Hanegraaff to discuss the basic ideas of Eastern Orthodox Christianity—from its origins at Pentecost to the present day.

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Topics discussed includeOrthodox Christianity is a well-kept secret in the West (4:50); the three distinct branches of Christianity that came as a result of schism (7:10); the emphasis on mystery in Eastern Orthodoxy (10:10); the Orthodox term to describe Salvation—Theosis (11:45); what is Apophatic (negative) theology? (17:15); the communal importance of the Church and the centrality of the Eucharist (22:30); how Orthodox architecture corresponds to Orthodox Theology (26:35); what is the significance of liturgy? (28:25); what does it mean to be made in the image AND likeness of God? (31:25); the interrelated nature of Holy Tradition and Holy Scripture (33:40); What is the Septuagint? (39:45); seeing the gospel—the significance reality of icons (43:30); Acts 15 shows the importance of a conciliar approach—the importance of the seven ecumenical councils (46:05); did we inherit Adam’s guilt? an Orthodox perspective on the fall of man (42:45); Mary the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception and inherited guilt (56:10); the role of women in the Church (1:02:50); the sin of fratricide that caused the split between the Eastern and Western Christian Church (1:08:50); the meaning and importance of being Trinitarian (1:14:35); the significance of Confession in the Orthodox Church and how it compares to the practice in the Roman Catholic Church (1:16:25); infant baptism in the Orthodox Church—is baptism a gift? (1:19:45); the intentional meaning of the architecture and environment in the Orthodox Church (1:22:25); will the 21st century be the Orthodox Century? (1:26:25). 

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