Is there life after death? Yes! For many death is terrifying, leading us to try to live as long as possible while hoping that science will find a way for us to live longer—if not forever. However, most people are in denial about death. What if the solution is not denying death’s reality, but recognizing it and relishing the reality that we will live fantastically forever? Clay Jones joins Hank to discuss his book Immortal: How the Fear of Death Drives Us and What We Can Do About It, which explores the ways people face death and how you can conquer the fear of death by realizing the joyous reality of immortality.  

Topics discussed include: Different ways that people avoid the fear of death (2:45); is the average person afraid of death?(6:45); why Clay Jones wasn’t afraid to die when he received a terminal cancer diagnosis (10:00); what would happen if we found a cure to cancer? (15:20); what happens when you die? (20:05); will heaven be boring? (21:25); immortality projects-different ways that people try to live forever (23:25); why do celebrities die earlier on average? (25:45); what is a mortality mitigation project? (29:15); why the Buddhist idea of detachment actually deadens life (32:25); is carpe diem a good maxim? (37:15); why should we focus more on our eternal lives than our lives on earth? (39:35); ways that atheists attempt to answer questions about death (42:05); was the Buddha a dead-beat dad? (45:30); the correlation between a decrease in belief in eternal life and an increase in suicide (46:30); anarchy in America (48:30); thinking of death as an upgrade from life (51:20); the Christians who do the most for this world are those who are thinking most of the world to come (56:25); why most atheists actually wish that they believed that Christianity was true (58:30); will science make immortality a reality? (1:01:35); what does it mean that less Americans believe in God or religion, while more people believe in an afterlife? (1:11:40); artificial intelligence and immortality—the rising popularity of the singularity (1:14:20); do all dogs go to heaven? (1:19:25); your soul will not experience death (1:23:00); why do so many Christians fear death? (1:25:30). 

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